Commercial Production and Fashion Shoots

We have extensive experience with hotel bookings for commercial production and fashion shoots, and this is what laid the basis for back in 2011. We have handled groups from 10 room nights to over 250 room nights mostly in 4-5 star hotels in major cities around the world. This experience has given us an in-depth knowledge of how these production groups travel and book hotels. Since 2015, we have also been managing flight bookings for production groups.

The strength of our experience comes from the number of bookings we have handled. Therefore, we know which hotels production companies like to use and which hotels are good at handling production groups.  Consequently, these hotels are summed up to 3-6 properties in each major city including; Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, Miami, LA and Toronto. And also production hubs such as; Cape Town, Santiago,  Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Auckland, Queenstown, Kiev, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona and Mallorca. But we have also handled groups in far and remote locations in Norway, Greenland, Vietnam, Costa Rica, China and Russia.

The hotel and travel booking needs are unique for each production, and so far there has never been a task too small or too difficult to handle.

Below are some of the companies we have helped over the years.

Hotel and travel bookings for Production