TV Production & Film Industry

The TV and film production industry travels in great numbers and therefore the optimization of travel time, cost and quality is our primary focus. We proactively aim to inform you about the most sustainable methods of transportation, but without comprising our primary focus. Together with leading experts and the EUFCN we are also in the process of developing an advanced pre-travel CO2 calculator.

It is important for us that we are not a cost-increasing link. Our service is free and the commission is paid by the service provider for bringing business to them. Only us as a travel bureau can get this commission, and it is a general misconception that this commission is available for all as a “discount”.

We have over the years helped numerous TV and Film productions around the world but mainly in the EU and the US. We know which hotels are suitable for what kind of productions and have a great corporation with these hotels. The quality and service level ranges from self-service apartments to 5-star deluxe properties. With many years of experience in production bookings, we have the know-how, contacts and industry rates that make a difference. For a film production, we have learned that it is important to have a liaison between the production company and the hotel. Our staff has a background in the hotel and service industry and therefore is well-equipped to translate between the parties.

The TV productions we have been involved in included hotel bookings for TV series, sports and entertainment programs. We have also assisted with flight booking for some of the TV productions as well as car rental bookings. Working together with the EUFCN, we assist all the film commissions and the associated production companies with the flight, hotel and car rental bookings.

Below are some of the companies we have successfully helped in the past:

Travel Purchase network for EUFCN, TV and FILM Productions