Customer’s obligations
  1. The customer must guarantee that the names stated in their documents and bookings are identical to the full name stated in their passport. If the customer becomes aware of any discrepancies between travel documents and passport, the customer must immediately notify the travel agency.
  2. The customer is obliged to check whether all the information in the received order confirmation/booking is in accordance with the agreement, including, name, travel dates, hotel name and price. If there are any discrepancies, the customer must immediately contact the travel agent for a clarification, so that it is possible to change the order. Should the customer neglect to do this, they forfeit the right to make a subsequent claim as a result of defective or incorrect information in the order.
  3. Upon accepting the agreement, the customer must provide their nationality and the nationalities of anyone else involved, including information on Danish or foreign passport and any dual citizenship for the sake of the travel agency’s duty to disclose all material facts in relation to any visa or other entry requirements.
  4. If the customer has not complied with the above provisions, they may not make a claim against the travel agency, agent or sub-contractors for any consequences, defects, inconvenience or loss, caused by the customer’s failure to comply with their general obligations.
Price and product
  1. The price of the purchased service is a so-called “total price”, which means that it includes in the agreement all the named services and all mandatory taxes, fees or surcharges etc.
  2. For certain destinations and hotels collections of local fees, entrance fees and charges may occur, which it is not possible to charge upon accepting the agreement, since these payments relate directly to local rules or the consumption of additional services beyond what is stated in the agreement.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, the price per. room based on accommodation in a single room.
  4. Hotel accommodation is only valid for the number of people for whom it has been booked. The number of persons, for whom accommodation has been booked, will always appear in the reservation confirmation sent to them. In the event that more people stay in a hotel room than the number of persons stated on the booking confirmation, the customer must always in advance, and no later than at check-in, have been given consent by the travel agency or hotel, since the change in the number of people is considered as an amendment to the agreement, which presupposes the counter party’s unequivocal consent. Should the customer fail to obtain such consent, the travel agent or the hotel is authorised to charge an extra fee for the additional person/s, who may stay in the booked hotel room, because the price of the booked hotel room alone is calculated according to the original number of persons provided by the customer.
Signing the agreement
  1. An agreement for the purchase of hotel accommodation between the customer and the travel agency is signed and binding for both parties, when offers are accepted by the customer. The acceptance may be in oral or written form. The travel agency then sends to the customer the final confirmation of the agreement (such as an order confirmation, an invoice or itinerary), which states the agreed terms and conditions.
  2. The customer is obliged to examine the travel documents sent to them and “practical information” (see below) and respond to the travel agency, if the information is not in accordance with the agreement.
  3. The customer must also ensure that the customer’s special requests are stated in the agreement or otherwise be documented. Otherwise, the customer cannot later plead such special agreements.
  4. If the full price of the trip is not paid, when the agreement is signed, the balance must be paid at the time/times, specified by the travel agency in the agreement.
  5. If the customer violates their part of the agreement by not paying the cost of the trip by the due date, the travel agency has the right to cancel the agreement.
  6. In the event of such cancellation, the agent is entitled to payment of the amount the customer should have paid, in the event that the customer had made a cancellation of the trip. The cancellation policy is individual and will always appear on the booking confirmation.
  7. If the agreement is signed at a distance, any messages relating to the agreement will also be communicated in the same type of communication. The customer is thus required to give contact information such as phone and email address, so that the travel agency can subsequently contact them. The customer is obliged to keep constantly abreast of any changes in the given contact details, both before and during the stay.
Defects in the product
  1. It is the travel agency’s responsibility to supply the booked product in accordance with the agreement.
  2. If the customer identifies defects after the supply of the product has been initiated, they must immediately, after identifying the defect, make a complaint about it/them to the travel agency, its representative or subcontractor, explaining what the defect consists of, to give them the opportunity to remedy the defect.
  3. The customer must as far as possible ensure that their claim is noted at source by the travel agency’s staff and/or subcontractors: for example, in the hotel register, or other written form.
  4. If, after contacting the travel agency’s representative or subcontractor, the complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily, the customer must always contact the travel agency directly.
  5. If the customer fails to lodge a complaint in the appropriate way as described above, they lose the right subsequently to plead the defect, and to make claims against the agency as a result of the defect.
  1. If the travel agency offers to remedy the defect, the customer cannot demand a proportional reduction or terminate the agreement, in the event that the remedy is made within a reasonable time and at no cost or significant inconvenience to the customer. Compensation for loss and/or personal injury or property damage.
  2. If the customer suffers loss as a result of an inadequate supply or due to property or personal injury, the client has a right to compensation in accordance with the general rules of liability.
  3. The travel agency is exempt from liability, in the event that the breach of contract is due
    • • The customer’s own circumstances
    • • An unauthorised third party for the purchased service
    • • Extraneous circumstances

    And in the event that the travel agency or any other person the travel agency is responsible for, could not, with reasonable care, have foreseen these circumstances at the time of signing the agreement or avoided or mitigated them.

  1. Claims for compensation, proportional reduction or other requirements must, within a reasonable time following the end of the trip, be submitted to the travel agency.
  2. Such claims presuppose that the customer, as described in Points 1-4 and 20, has fulfilled their obligations for punctual complaint, thus giving the travel agency an opportunity to decide whether remedy should be given.
  3. Whatever the case, claims arising from a defective product must be submitted within a reasonable time. Therefore, all claims submitted later than 6 months from the time at which the customer became aware of the defect in question, will not be considered to have been submitted punctually, and the customer will therefore lose the right to plead the defect.
Venue and applicable law
  1. All disputes and disagreements, which may occur or arise from a given agreement’s origin and/or fulfilment, and which cannot be resolved between the parties alone or by a nationally authorised board of appeal, must be referred to the Danish national courts for a final decision, and will be subject to Danish national law, including those international laws, rules and conventions implemented and ratified by Denmark.



Denne privatlivspolitik forklarer, hvordan Productionhotel (“vi” eller “os”) behandler dine personoplysninger.


Den juridiske enhed, som er ansvarlig for behandlingen af dine personoplysninger, er:

Productionhotel ApS
Hauser Plads 10, 3.
1127 København K
Tel. +45 36991210
CVR: 33755430
E-mail: info@productionhotel.com
Web: www.productionhotel.com 




Personoplysninger anvendes til information samt markedsføringsmæssige formål, herunder at målrette vores kommunikation med dig på baggrund af dine interesse- og fokusområder samt sende dig relevant information i form af bl.a. nyhedsbreve.

Indsamling og håndtering af personoplysninger

Vi indsamler personoplysninger, når nogen kontakter os eller anvender en af vores tjenester. Vi indsamler også personoplysninger om børn og øvrige medrejsende på en bestilling. Vi kan supplere og opdatere dine personoplysninger via indhentning fra private og offentlige registre.

Vi anvender dine personoplysninger for at kunne gennemføre vores rejseaftale med dig, administrere din rejse, kundeservice, samt for at opfylde lovkrav. Vi anvender også dine personoplysninger til markedsføring, personificering, udsendelse af information i forbindelse med din rejse.

Vi gemmer alle vores indsamlede personoplysninger i vores kundedatabase. Hvis det er relevant, leverer vi personoplysninger til vores samarbejdspartnere og IT-leverandører som optræder som persondatabehandler. En del af vores samarbejdspartnere (f.eks. hotel og flyselskab) findes udenfor EU/EØS-området.


Vi indsamler oplysninger fra følgende kilder:
– Direkte fra dig
– Faglige kilder
– Andre relevante kilder
– Online kilder f.eks. sociale medier, der er offentligt tilgængelige


Vi behandler dine personoplysninger som beskrevet ovenfor baseret på følgende behandlingsgrundlag:

– Artikel 6.1.f (Nødvendig for forfølgelsen af legitime interesser for Productionhotel ApS og vores samarbejdspartnere).

De legitime interesser, vi forfølger, er for;

– at kunne målrette vores kommunikation mod målgrupper, som ud fra en statistisk betragtning anses for særligt relevante.

– at komme i dialog med potentielle kunder med henblik på evt. indgåelse af fremtidig aftale.

– Artikel 6.1.b (nødvendig af hensyn til opfyldelse af den kontrakt, som du er part i)

– Artikel 6.1.c (nødvendig for at Productionhotel ApS kan overholde retlige forpligtelser i forhold til indberetning og dokumentation overfor flyselskaber, samarbejdspartnere i udlandet, andre offentlige myndigheder og ambassader, samt pligtmæssig afgivelse af oplysninger til Finanstilsynet.

– Artikel 9.2.a (samtykke)


Vi kan dele dine personoplysninger med:
Flyselskaber, hoteller og andre leverandører og partnere fra hele verden som vi samarbejder med for at assistere vores virksomhed.


Vi vil opbevare personoplysninger, så længe det er nødvendigt til de formål, der er nævnt.
– Oplysninger indsamlet som grundlag for at kontakte dig slettes senest fem år efter de er indsamlet.

– Hvis du anmoder os om ikke at kontakte dig igen, opbevarer vi oplysning herom i fire år fra vores seneste kontakt med dig. Vi opbevarer i så fald alene de oplysninger, der er nødvendige for at sikre, at vi ikke kontakter dig igen.


Vi behandler indledningsvist oplysninger om dit navn, adresse og telefonnummer samt statistiske/demografiske data for de segmenter, du – baseret på dine karakteristika (primært din arbejdsplads) – formodes at tilhøre med henblik på at vurdere, om det er sandsynligt, at du er i målgruppen for vores ydelser og dermed vurdere, om vi vil forsøge at kontakte dig. Det vil i praksis betyde, at vi muligvis ikke kontakter dig, selv om du reelt falder inden for målgruppen, eller at vi kontakter dig, selv om du reelt falder uden for målgruppen.


De oplysninger, vi behandler om dig, er nødvendige for, at vi kan levere en fagligt forsvarlig og korrekt rådgivning til dig. Det er frivilligt, om du giver os oplysningerne; men hvis du ikke giver os korrekte og fyldestgørende oplysninger, vil det være til hinder for, at vi kan levere den aftalte service.


Du har følgende rettigheder:
– Du har ret til at anmode om indsigt, berigtigelse eller sletning af dine personoplysninger.

Du har også ret til at modsætte dig behandlingen af dine personoplysninger og få behandlingen af dine personoplysninger begrænset.

Særligt har du en ubetinget ret til at modsætte dig behandling af dine personoplysninger til brug for direkte markedsføring.

Hvis behandlingen af dine personoplysninger er baseret på dit samtykke, har du ret til at tilbagekalde dit samtykke til enhver tid. Din tilbagekaldelse vil ikke have betydning for lovligheden af behandlingen foretaget inden din tilbagekaldelse af dit samtykke.

Du har ret til at modtage de personoplysninger, du selv har afgivet, i et struktureret, almindeligt anvendt og maskinlæsbart format.

Du kan gøre brug af dine rettigheder ved at kontakte os på info@productionhotel.com.

Der kan være betingelser eller begrænsninger til disse rettigheder.