Concert Tours & Music Videos

Production Travel arranges concert tours for larger choir groups. When managing the travels of these music groups, our primary focus is on cutting costs and getting good deals on hotels in major cities around Europe. We also have extensive experience in video production travels as we have worked with all kinds of clients from international stars to upcoming artists. We have furthermore managed travels for DJs, concert tour managers and music crews – each with their special needs and particularities. Handling these different types of clients is not too far from managing the travels of TV and movie groups as it is all about understanding their special needs and requirements.

The Concert Tour & Music Video travels are for groups of 10-40 pax with special baggage needs and travel arrangements. The right hotels for concert groups are very different from the hotels suitable for music video production. Concert tours often have a different budget than music videos, which also makes their travel needs different. The key to flawless travel bookings is personal and flexible service, but it is also essential to have the experience and the right contacts with hotels, airlines and car rental companies.  It is all about being in the know.

Below are some companies we have worked with.