Conferences, Meetings & Events

Conferences, meetings and events have not been a business focus from the beginning, but have become a natural part of the business today. The reason for this is that each production booking almost can be viewed as a very complex meeting or event. The clients are among the busiest travelers, which therefore creates a very fast-paced and ever-changing booking flow and pattern.

Therefore Conferences, Meetings & Events is a natural extension of our business. The clients that booked their meetings, conferences or events with Production Travel had the advantage of all the negotiated rates and contacts in the Production Hotel network.

The conferences, meetings and events that have been booked so far were primarily related to the TV, film and commercial production industry. Among the industry-related conferences, the best-known are the EAVE and MediaXchange. We have also organized company-related events from small screenings to large company dinners. In addition – other companies helped outside the creative industry are medical and pharmaceutical businesses.

In the future, we will dedicate more time to organize conferences, meetings and events with the aim of being the sustainable choice. With a proactive approach to selecting the venue, we can minimize the CO2 produced at your events without compromising the cost or quality of the event. There is a general misconception that a sustainable conference, meeting or event solution is of lower quality. But it is wrong. Very wrong.

Here are a couple of obvious points:

  • Shorter travel time = therefore more time for you and less CO2
  • Newer transportation methods = hence higher comfort and less CO2
  • Collective transportation as buses / trains = more time for you and less CO2
  • Newer and C02-friendly property = higher comfort and less CO2
  • Local and fresh produce in the kitchen = higher food quality and less CO2
  • Property focus on minimum waste = lower food cost and less CO2

Here are some of the clients we have helped with success in the past:

Sustainable Meetings and events for Film & TV Industry